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We, the undersigned, recommend that the Government of Canada:

Confirm the need for a Canadian medication reference that is evidence-based and universally accessible to all Canadian patients and health care providers, leveraging existing medication information resources, as a critical part of the delivery of quality health care to all Canadians.

Facilitate engagement with key stakeholder organizations, including existing medication information providers, to contribute to an action plan to develop the ideal Canadian medication reference.

Allocate funding for the research and development of a clear action plan to develop the ideal Canadian medication reference, leveraging the strengths of existing tools and practices, and incorporating promising practices from around the world.

Commit to developing standards relating to the quality of medication information provided to Canadian health care providers and patients, in order to ensure that patients and providers across the country are making health care decisions based on the same quality of information.

Empower Canadian patients and families by providing medication information that is accessible and understandable regardless of age, ability, income or other potential barriers.

Encourage evidence-based, appropriate prescribing by ensuring that their health care providers have universal access to the best evidence and clinical decision-making tools when prescribing medications.

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