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In collaboration with other members of the RTMP and willing participants of the National Stakeholder Roundtable, Dr. Lise M. Bjerre is embarking on a national level campaign to raise awareness about the need for a universally accessible Canadian Medication Guide. The infographic below details our process, from convening the Symposium to (hopefully!) securing needed support from the federal government to improve the situation.

Progress Update

The Symposium report is now available for download on our website and we have launched a communications campaign to raise awareness about these issues and the importance of moving towards a Canadian Medication Guide.

We have established a Steering Committee to guide a Needs Assessment, including implementing the high-level work plan presented in the Symposium report. We are in the process of securing funds needed to support this phase of work.

Want to Help?

If you would like to endorse our report or help secure endorsements, please email Olivia Champagne at

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