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Ottawa-based Rational Therapeutics and Medication Policy Research Group (RTMP), under the leadership of Dr. Lise M. Bjerre, Clinical Investigator at the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine and Bruyère Research Institute, obtained funds from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) to convene a symposium of national-level stakeholder organizations and patient representatives to clearly identify the medication information needs of Canadians, examine currently available sources of information, learn about what is being done in other countries, and determine the desirable characteristics of a medication information resource that would meet the needs of Canadian patients and health care providers.

Morning Session (public)

  • Welcome Remarks from Dr. Lise Bjerre, RTMP Research Group Lead

  • Presentation of currently available medication information resources

    • Health Canada

    • Canadian Pharmacists Association

    • DynamedPlus / Micromedex

    • RxFiles

    • Vigilance Santé

  • Presentation on emerging opportunities by Canada Health Infoway

  • Keynote address by Chris Power, CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute


Afternoon Session (invitation only)

  • Facilitated small group discussion of medication information needs

    • Part 1: The ideal Canadian medication information resource

    • Part 2: Moving from gaps to implementation

  • Whole group report-back and consensus-building

  • Closing remarks by Dr. Lise Bjerre, RTMP Research Group Lead


In all, there were 37 individual participants, including one patient advocate who could not attend in person but submitted input via email.

The Symposium was held on April 20th, 2017 building on the success of the inaugural symposium of 2016.


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